Used Gear

Inventory List

RMB Equipment list.pdf


*Financing is available for qualified customers




Yamaha M7CL-48

console in R&R case

meter bridge

48 inputs and 24 outs with MY8-ADDA96 8 channel insert card


PSW800 external power supply for redundant use with the internal PSU

$14,000 Obo

Outboard rack multipin (Elco/Edac) connect for quick setup and the following processing:

16 space pull-over rack

One Furman power conditioner/light module

One TC Electronics D-Two delay

Two TC Electronics M-One XL reverbs

Two Drawmer DS404 quad noise gates

Four DBX 166 stereo compresor/limiters

One BSS FCS960 stereo 1/3 octave graphic EQ

One Denon DN610 CD/Cassette Combo player

Make Offer $USD

One Soundcraft SM-20 48x20 with Meter Bridge Monitor Desk
48 mono channels, 6 mono and 14 mono/switchable stereo mix outputs,
8 Mute Groups, stereo Cue buss and built in passive splitter w/ground lifts
2 CPS2000 PSU's w/Socopex PSU & link cables
3 18" XLR-4 LittleLites (included)


1 Spare input module
Spectrum case with folding doghouse

1 available @ Make Offer $USD

House Speakers:

Martin Audio W8T  

2 x 12", 1 x 6.5", 1 x 1"
Trapezoid cabinets with Mann flying fittings.
Grill protecting lids and casters plus 1/4" UHMW
composite as bottom of cabinet protection.
Neutrik NL8MPR and Cannon AP-8 connectors
4 available @ $1,200.00/cabinet


Zinn Audio 

2 x 12" JBL 2202 bass (8 ohm)
with JBL 2445 (16 ohm) 2" (on JBL 2392 conical lens throat)

Fiberglass reinforced cabinets with caster carts w/roto-locks

Neutrik NL4MPR connectors
Designed for compact drumfill, extremely good 50Hz reproduction

2 available @ $600.00/cabinet

Martin Audio PM3 

Biamped 15"/horn loaded 7"/ 1" flyable cabinets 
(5 single Ancra/Brownline fittings)
Neutrik NL4MP connectors

8 available @ $600.00/cabinet

Martin Audio LE700

15" x 2" (EV  DH1A)

Neutrik NL4MPR connectors

In left-right mirrored pairs with pull-over cases

16 available @ $2500.00 per pair Obo

Analog System Controllers/Crossovers:

Martin Audio MX4 controllers

2 in 4 out dual 2 way or mono 3/4 way
with 1K LE700 crossover cards and hard knee variable limiters.
Perfect for any biamped monitor that requires serious protection.

4 available @ $500.00/unit Obo


Effects/Signal Processing:

Ashly Audio GQX-3102

Stereo 1/3 octave graphic equalizer

4 available @ $500.00 each Obo